Revit Model parameters in Speckle

Is it possible to rename and control parameters that come from Revit into Speckle.

The added shared parameters come named with the id number rather they “Name” would be nice if it was possible to rename those.

Also is it possible to control which parameters to come through as data ? eg. would it be possible to limit which properties and parameters are exported for objects?


Regards, Maciej

Hey @Maciej_Sochacki ,

I believe our new front-end does a better job at showing the parameter name instead of the id of parameter but i may be wrong when it comes to custom shared parameters. Can you give more details on exactly what you’d like to see?

Currently, no. It’s on our roadmap, but we have more pressing priorities to address first since it involves many moving parts.

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Hi @gokermu ,
Thank you for quick reply.
Yes the new front end is great I love it! It does display the parameter name eventually after selecting the
the odd numeric id value. here is an example, after selecting the parameter.7cbc05…
Image 1
The viewer will display the “parameter name” on top which is nice. Sadly the search function does not detect that “name” so if would type “USE CLASS” in search it will come up empty. That could be good improvement if search could include the “parameter name” for those customly added parameters.
Image 2


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