Revit Model Fails to Load and Rende Smoothly in Speckle Viewer 2.17.0-alpha.12

Upon uploading a Revit model [refer to the provided link for details] via the Revit Plugin [version 2.18.0] and subsequently publishing it to the Speckle Viewer [version 2.17.0-alpha.12], I encountered significant performance issues. Specifically, the modeled scene fails to load smoothly, eventually leading to a browser crash. The root cause of this problem remains unclear, prompting me to seek assistance from the official team through this community platform. I am looking for diagnostic insights and potential solutions to resolve this issue. Below is a link to my Revit modeling resources:revit


hey @zm1072223921 ,

This is interesting. Thanks for sharing the file. We’ll check and get back to you.

Hi @zm1072223921

We had a good look at the model you shared and we’re seeing that the data has high redundancy. This is the root cause for both high load times as well as poor runtime performance. The complete explanation is more complicated. There are several things going on:

  • We currently have a known issue with our object-loader library which crashes the page on large Revit streams uploaded with connector version 2.16 and above. You can however get around this issue by using Firefox which is not so sensitive to large memory allocations like other browsers.
  • After looking very closely we realizes a lot of identical objects do not get instanced on the connector side. It’s something to do with Adaptive Components but maybe @gokermu can provide more details here. However there are plans to improve this on the connector side in the future
  • Consequently because of less instancing that desirable we get a lot of redundant data both in the stream itself, both in the viewer at runtime. With ideal instancing performance would be significantly better as well as load times.

As a side note, we’ve exited the alpha channel with the new viewer API. It’s now on mainline release so no more point in using the viewer-next releases from npm