Revit - Import IFC and convert to Revit Families


I’m André from Portugal, with a civil engineering background.
In the last 8 years, I have been working in a 3D printing company in the Innovation Department.
During these years, I learned a lot about modeling in Autodesk Fusion 360 and other CAD/CAM software.
More recently, I joined a civil engineering team where I began working with Revit (which I already knew from before, but didn’t have much experience with) and Tricalc software for structural dimensioning (I then bring these structures to Revit through an IFC file to continue working).

One thing I’ve noticed about the evolution of Revit and AEC in general is that there hasn’t been a significant advancement. Revit still lacks a user-friendly interface, and some processes are not easy to understand. Moreover, interchangeability between AEC software remains a challenge.

With CAD/CAM, we have a similar file format to IFC, which is the STEP file. However, there’s a significant difference: the ability to edit on any software, something that isn’t entirely possible with IFC files. IFC files serve more as reference files rather than files for direct editing.

Since families are parametric, and IFC files contain information about the elements, how complex would it be to develop a converter that could transform an IFC file into a set of families that could be editable in Revit?

Thanks in advance.
And congratulations for Speckle development.

André Magro

Hey @amagro nice to meet you and thanks for the great introduction - I’d suggest you copy-paste it in Introduce yourself :smiley:

Unfortunately what you propose does not sound feasible. As far as I know Revit families can only be generated using proprietary technology which is not accessible outside of Revit and I don’t think IFC can get us there…

Happy to hear from others if that’s not the case :wink: