Revit family --> Civil 3D pipe network structure

Hi everyone.
I was wondering if would be possible to have a revit family as pipe network structure in Civil 3D. Would be a huge help!
An idea could be to pull the geometry into a part builder file.

Ciao Alessandro & welcome to our community!

Do you have any examples of the Revit families you would use to generate the pipe network in Civil 3D? Would those be system families or something else?


Thanks for your comment.
A loadable family with parametric geometry in it should be sufficient. A building part geometry is basically a parametric 3d geometry made in autocad, less complex than a revit family.

I’m not really sure how we could match a loadable Revit family with a pipe network in Civil 3D? Can you provide some examples, please?
What would be great is your desired Revit input and the desired output in Civil 3D!

I mean a revit family to a pipe network structure like manhole, catch basin etc.
As you can see in the image, that is a Civil3D manhole which is basically an extrusion, on the left are visible the rules and constraints

Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying, we do not have a lot of in-house expertise regarding Civil 3D, but this sounds like a feasible workflow. :slight_smile:

We will soon start working on a “mapping” tool inside Speckle that will most likely help with these workflows.

We’ll keep you posted!

cc @clrkng @izzylys


Hi @Alessandro_F ! Just wanted to check in on this as we’re just releasing an alpha version of a BIM mapper that would be a prerequisite to accomplishing what you’re asking, for mapping revit families to building parts in c3d!

It might be awhile till we get around to implementing this in C3D, but I created an issue to track progress here: feat(civil3d): investigate part builder support · Issue #1572 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

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