Revit crashes when Speckle is installed

Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and to speckle and walked into my first issue.
When opening two Revit projects at the same time Revit gives an unrecoverable error and just shuts down.


I did some troubleshooting yesterday via de steps in this thread from autodesk:

When I got to disable add-ins I uninstalled the speckle for Revit add-in and then things worked again as it should. This morning I reinstalled speckle for Revit because there was a new release yesterday but it crashes again when opening 2 projects at the same time.
So my guess is that it is an issues with Speckle.

Is this a known issue? If yes, is there a workaround or a solution?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @PJAC ,

Sorry for this and thanks for reporting! It’s an old bug that unfortunately slipped in the latest release.
It’s already been re-fixed and you can install version 2.6.4 of the Revit connector to keep using Speckle.

Hi teocomi,

Thanks for the quick reply and fix. But now I’m running into an issues when I’m trying to update.

When I’m trying to install manually I get this error:


But as far as I know I have al the rights and normally I can install everything. It gives me this error for all Revit versions that I have installed (from 2019 to 2022).

Hey @PJAC it could be that some other process is blocking the files, can you reboot the computer and try again please?

Look likes it’s solved. Thank you!

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