Revit crash and shut down after looking for a stream to connect with

Hello!. I’m opening Revit with a simple file and then starting the Speckle Addin connector but it does not work and after that Revit crashes and shut down. If anyone can help me I will thank you so much. The problem happens when I execute the blue button to get a stream. Cheers,

Hey @luisotero !

Welcome to the community, feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 if you’d like!

That’s unfortunate, can you please confirm the following:

  • does the crash happen with both versions of the plugin? There is an old (left) and a newer version (right) of the Speckle connector.
  • does the crash only happen in Revit 2020 or in other versions too?


Hi @teocomi, thanks to much for the help.

  • Yes, the crash happens with them both, with the bottom of right happens this:
    Speckel Error 5

  • and the button of the left let me open this window, but when I click on the blue bottom to start a stream, then Revit crashes and shuts down with a fatal error like this:

  • For the moment I only tried Revit 2020. I will try with another version and let you know.

My pleasure, Luis.

Can you please send a screenshot of what you see under “Show details” in the first image?

I can also suggest a couple of things in the meantime:

  • tell us your SUUID (you can see it in the settings page in Manager) and we’ll check our logs
  • remove currently plugins installed in Revit and try again - I guess maybe there’s a conflict with one of these!

I’m trying to use speckle in the computer of the company I work on, so I can’t remove the plug-ins we are using for the moment. I will try it on my personal computer later.


Thanks, it does look like a conflict with another plugin using an SQLite library!
Let us know after you try on your personal PC and we can try a few things…

Buenas Luis!

I saw from your intro that you are a developer as well, so as a next troubleshooting step we could also try debugging the plugin together to see what’s going on.

Hola Teo! Yes, I would enjoy that, but on my own computer the plug-in works perfectly, I´ve just sent some information to the speckle web app. I´m going to start playing a bit with Revit and the code if I find some bugs I’ll tell you, thank you so much for your time.

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