Revit Connector unable to connect to web

  • Objective: Receive revit data into Power BI via Speckle

  • Issue: Unable to send data to a stream from revit connector. When creating a stream from revit connector it is visible on the Home | Speckle ( web but the connector still says unable to connect. Not able to see the existing streams within revit connector as well.

  • Example: Revit 2023.1 Version

Revit Connector: 2.15.2 version

Manager for Speckle - connected to my account:

I have tried installing different versions of Revit connector with no success. I see connector has access from my account:

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Hmm, this looks interesting. I’m wondering if your IT department has any policies that might prevent Revit from connecting to the internet. If so, that could be the reason for the issue. What do you think @connor @teocomi ?

I am not sure if that could be the reason, but as I mentioned above as well when I create a stream within revit connector it does show up on the web!

Can you try using it with our free server → .

Wanna understand if it’s related to the server or the connector. worked without any issues!

Hey, then it’s an issue with your deployment of the speckle server. I suspect that might be @markcichy!

Okay will reach out to Mark.