Revit connector performance: slowness receiving from Speckle into Revit

Hey Speckle Community!

Just dropping a post here because we’ve been facing some performance issues with getting data from Speckle into Revit, and I was wondering if anyone else in the community has come across similar problems before.

These performance issues are occurring because the data in a specific stream is causing numerous warnings/errors to surface in Revit. We’re finding these warnings/errors make the Revit API call to commit the transaction painfully slow. Has anyone else gone through something like this or experienced performance problems due to other reasons? It’d be cool if we could share some of our experiences and any potential “watch its” for the rest of the community.

I also found this deep dive on the Revit forum that explores optimizing transactions by chunking objects into different transactions and then grouping them. Right now, the conversion process dumps everything into one transaction/group. So, a question for the Speckle team: have any other transaction setups been tried? Is it possible that chunking down into smaller transactions could speed up those Revit API calls when warnings/errors are present?

Would be great to hear other opinions on these issues!


Hey @d.naughton, thanks for flagging this!

Can you confirm if you’re on the latest version of the connector? Any chance you could share this specific stream with us?

In the past, we benchmarked splitting the transaction into one per object but that made the process overall 10-20x times slower. @connor might have additional insights to share :slight_smile:

We’ll dig on our end and get back to you.