Revit Connector Panel not showing

Hi all,
The connector window for Revit 2024 is not showing up, meaning that the button for the Revit Connector in the ribbon is unresponsive… I had it all working fine up until yesterday, and successfully received data from my streams. Just checked in Revit 2023 and it’s all working fine over there. I uninstalled the plugin, restarted and installed it again through the Package Manager but to no avail. I’m running the Revit Connector v2.15.2
Any idea what I’m doing wrong here or where Revit is hiding the window for me?


Hey Jeroen!

I’ve never seen this behaviour before, the buttons in the ribbon are disabled?
Or they can be clicked and nothing happens?

Any chance the Speckle panel might be hidden somewhere? Maybe in another monitor? Or maybe under other dockable panels?

Could you send me the logs inside %appdata%/Speckle/Logs/revitRevit 2024 as well?

we had this issue in the past with BIMcollabs BCF Manager and multiple screens. I don’t know if this helps … but hopefully

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Hi @teocomi @AlexHofbeck. Thanks both!

Yes, I bet you haven’t! :slight_smile: I’ve been looking over my entire screens, trying to undock all panels but can’t see it anywhere. The buttons are not disabled, it’s just the Connector button that doesn’t do anything. The Scheduler Panel loads ok (although I can’t select a stream in that drop-down) and the Help & Resources works fine too.

I tied your suggestion of the multiple screens, that doesn’t help, but I’m thinking now, it might be related… Yesterday I was in the office with 2 additional monitors, now at home with only 1. But after resetting to Duplicate screens, close and re-open Revit it doesn’t change anything

I’ll send you a separate message with the log file, but by the looks of it it registers the clicks, but nothing really happens…

I’m reading the data into R23 now without any trouble… that is all working fine. I’ll try to upgrade that model to v24 and copy the elements over into the central model as a work around, but would be great to figure out what’s happening here…

Many thanks!

as a continuation of the multiscreen issue … the one with the arrows helped us also in the past.
Windows: Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen - Technipages

Usually it was one of those :roll_eyes:


genius! that was it…
It was indeed hanging off somewhere. Changing the resolution magically made the Speckle Connector panel appear again!

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


This makes people crazy for ages … and I have the feeling it won’t end :laughing:. Nice that you have solved it on your end :slight_smile:.


Ahh! Fought with this myself a few times :slight_smile:
Maybe Revit also has a “restore layout” command somewhere… :wink:

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