Revit Connector is sending many models

When I updated my model and sending the update ( everything ), many streams uploaded and Speckle doesn’t update the same stream

Hey @Mohamed_Elmasri and welcome to the community! If you feel like it, introductions are welcome!

I didn’t understand your question but i suspect its related to the way Speckle works and the terminology we use.


The main data structure in Speckle is the stream . You can think of it as a Project.


Branches give you an extra layer of organisation within a stream. Let’s say you have a very large model you want to add to a single stream, but your collaborators from different disciplines don’t want to receive the whole model every time. You could split the model up into different branches: Structural , MEP , Architecture .


Each time you send data to Speckle, you are automatically creating a new commit. Commits are essentially a snapshot of your data. The great thing about commits is that they create a timeline of all the changes your stream goes through and give you the possibility of going back in time, resetting your model to any version - whenever you want!

In your case, each time you send from Revit, you’re sending the current state of your model.

I hope this answers your question. Let us know if you need additional explanation.

Okay So when I connect to Power BI, the video tutorial said that I should link as below

and When I did that in Power BI, I got the below error

So I choose the 1st commit from the 3 commits I have till now


So After any change I have to change the source link in Power BI

Any help in that please ?

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I see. You should paste your stream url in this case. This is your stream url👇:
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Btw, i just tried with your branch url and successfully received it. Are you using latest release of Power BI Connector?

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I did that. but no connection


Solved after using Private Access Token. Thanks for your support!


:white_check_mark: This has been resolved with v0.0.12 of our PowerBI connector.

We have fixed this issue where users were not able to connect to public streams without a token. You can now connect to public streams without a token.


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Thank you for the reply and update.

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