Revit connector - Failed to create account from access code and challenge

We’ve just installed the Speckle for Revit connector, we installed this for “all users” onto our machines.

We avoided installing using the default method because of the way we publish Revit, we opted not to install Speckle into appdata.

The addin is visible in Revit 2023, however when we try to log in with newly created accounts the addin returns the attached error message.


  • Speckle for Revit 2.16.0
  • Revit

I did think this may be because our accounts weren’t verified, however after verifying our accounts the same issue occurs.



Hey Michael,

Welcome to these parts!

Can you please:

  • install the latest version hotfix (I think 2.16.3)
  • check all these URLs are accessible
  • confirm what Speckle server you’re connecting to
  • and lastly, send us the logs in %appdata%/Speckle/Logs

Please note that we update our connectors quite regularly :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help.

I have identified the problem by reading through the log files, we use a feature called SSL inspection on our firewalls which was causing issues for the application when negotiating a TLS session with your *.system endpoints.

Excluding the domains from our policy has fixed the problem.


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