Revit Connector - Colors / Materials

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I’ve tried to send a model out of Revit via the Revit Speckle Connector to Speckle, but it seems like the RenderMaterial / Colours are missing. Most of the model is just coloured white.


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In the docs I found that RenderMaterials should be supported from Revit to Speckle. Is there anything I am missing in settings?

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hi @lklepper! Thanks for reporting this. We’ve done a “best effort” attempt at this right now, but we’re planning to dig deeper in the viewer and do optimisations, and general upgrades. We’ll include looking at the materials problems too!

PS: I’ve added it to our bucket list here: Viewer: Misc Wishlist · Issue #326 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub
PPS: Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 if you want to :slight_smile:

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Hi @dimitrie , we’ll change the material handling in the connector for revit and make a pull request, ok?
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Das wäre super! Looking forward to review it. We’re still pushing betas out, so this might make its way in the main release soon!

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