Revit Can Receive Blender Model Into Project But Not A Family?


My stream appears when loaded into an RVT file but I can’t see anything when I try to load it into a Family (.rfa) file. The stream was created with Blender 3.01 and I am using Revit 2021.1.6

Hi @Bedson welcome to our community!

Thanks for providing a sample stream, I just spent some time debugging this, and unfortunately, it seems that the internal methods that Revit uses to build meshes are failing when processing your geometry. We have seen this before in the family editor environment.

Could you try simplifying the mesh? Or ideally, if you were able to identify exactly which parts are working and which are not we can try do some optimization on our end (eg simplifying faces, ensuring a certain distance between vertices, etc - all these things can throw Revit off).

Cc @AlanRynne it seems that the TessellatedShapeBuilder is just failing with Internal Error :frowning:

Hi @teocomi

Thank you for looking at the stream. It already is the low poly / simplified version :pensive:

It did load perfectly into the main project (.rvt) file so that is really helpful for working with Blender and Revit.

Thank you for all of your hard work. Speckle is great!

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