Revit Areas - are they _actually_ supported?

Hi all,

I’m trying to extract Revit Area Elements and push to Speckle but I can not seem to filter by that category. I see in this list these Area elements should be supported Supported Elements | Speckle Docs but do not see that category as an option to filter by, nor can I manually select these elements. Any hints? Rooms and HVAC Spaces and other elements get published fine, just not Areas.

I’m running the most recent Speckle Revit Connector on Revit 2020, pushing data to a v2 Speckle server created from most recent Docker image, running inside our firewall on an AWS EC2. I have also tried this on the public server and a DigitalOcean server I set up.



Hey Matt,

Good to see you here! Areas had actually slipped from our list in the UI filter, I’ve just added them.
You can install the 2.2.8-beta version of the connector or as a workaround (until a stable release is made in ~2 weeks) you could create a sheet with areas only and send that from the View filter.

Any other feedback or issues don’t hesitate to ping us!

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@teocomi you are the best! I really like what I’m seeing in the current Speckle too, it’s come a long way from a few years ago!

Let’s catch up soon