Revit and PowerBI changes in 2.14 - existing dashboard visual no longer working

Hey guys, this server upgrade is great news, well done!

Have you experienced any change in the PowerBI connection?
I have a report setup on a stream (Stream URL ) with a 3D models pushed online with the previous Revit connector, and all was working great and fine.

Now, after upgrading the Revit connector, we have tried to push the models to another stream (Stream URL ) and this seems to have broken something, as the 3D model is not showing up in the visual.

Any idea what is possibly happening here?
CC: @Michael_Burke001
ZZZ_TESTING_SpeckleViewer_updated.pbix (1.6 MB)

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Hey @ecalzavara :wave:,

I can’t seem to access the URL you shared. Are you still experiencing this issue? Please let me know if you are still experiencing it.

Yes @gokermu , still not working. Which URL cannot you access? The speckle streams? I have to ask @Michael_Burke001 to share them with you. He’ll notify you here once you have access. But haven’t you heard anything from anyone else about the PBI 3D visual breaking after the server upgrade?

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Yep, we can’t access: - is it behind a firewall by any chance?

To test this, you could try with our GA server at Let us know!

Thank you guys. I have just added you both to the public stream we are having issues visualizing in pbi.
These are our settings:

  • using latest Revit connector (2.14.3),
  • revit advanced example model,
  • public server Speckle
  • pbi connector 0.0.16-alpha
  • pbi viz v 2.0.0-alpha8

We are confident the issue is not with the pbi visual version, as we were able to use them properly two weeks ago before updating the server to the latest version.

Any idea what could it be?
cc: @Michael_Burke001

Hey @ecalzavara :wave:,

Our 3D Viewer Visual only supports public streams. Can you try making it public and use the visual again?

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Awesome, that worked! Thanks!