Revit addin error when I start the Revit connector command

I’ve installed the speckle addin for revit and getting this error. What shall I do to fix this?

Hey @Ren_Eto !

Sorry to hear that, can you please tell us what Revit version are you using?
Also, did you install Speckle from Manager? Are you on the last version (2.5.2)?

Hello @teocomi

I am on the latest version of speckle that I downloaded from the manager.

My Revit version is 2020.2

Thanks for confirming!
Do you have other Revit addins installed? The error might be caused by a conflict with another addin.

If so, you could try the following:

  • temporarily disabling/uninstalling the other addins
  • trying with another Revit version where those addins are not installed

Let us know how it goes!

Sorry for the late relply.

Yes. I did have addins installed and it worked after I temporary disable it. \

Is there a workaround or some kind of setting that I can do on my side to have no conflicts with other addins?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do on your end, except for asking the author of the other plugin to update their version of SQLite to match ours…
That’s why in programming terms this is also called “dependency hell” :cry:

We’ve been considering swapping our SQLite library for something else, we’ll keep you posted in case that happens!

Cc @dimitrie and @izzylys who looked into getting rid of SQLite in the past.

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Thanks for sharing!!
Love the product though :ok_man:

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