Revit: Add new parameters

Hi everyone. :wave:
We are working on a web application in order to add some data on a Revit model.
Our process is the following:
1/ the user is Revit and select a Wall for example
2/ the user create a commit with Speckle connector for Revit of this Wall
3/ thanks to Speckle API in python, we are adding new parameters to the Wall (speckle_type:“Objects.BuiltElements.Revit.Parameter”). This generates a new commit.
4/ the user go back to Revit and import the new commit with the Speckle connector for Revit

If we manage to modify existing Revit parameters, we can not see our personal parameters in Revit.
Initial commit:
New commit:

If the IFC_GUID parameter value has been successfully updated:

However, our new parameters have not been added: example: (

Thanks :pray:

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Hello @guigui,

Thanks for reaching out! I always love to hear when people are developing on top of Speckle.

When receiving from Speckle, the Speckle revit connector will find all the parameters that you have on your Speckle object and set them, if possible. Currently, the Speckle connector will not create custom parameters for you.

The first option would be to add those parameters in your Revit model first and then receive your data from Speckle. Then the parameters will be set to the correct value.

The second option is to create these parameters programatically. A quick search brought me to this api forum that points to a hacky way of doing this implemented by dynamo. We could think about implementing something like this, but I’m sure there would be some speed bumps along the way to getting this to work as expected.

The first option would obviously be simpiler, would that work for you use case?

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Hello @connor.
Thank you for your return.
Unfortunately, that would not be ok for our use case.
The idea would be to add informations on existing objects or even to add new objects with Speckle API without an existing family.
Is this something you have in your roadmap?

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Hi @guigui

Our current focus is on editing existing parameters which is possible with Grasshopper or Excel Connectors, updating Revit parameters with spreadsheet will be further improved soon.

Adding new parameters is not on our roadmap at this point but thank you for your feedback, we will consider it in future. In the meantime, could you tell me a little bit more about

  • use case for your web application
  • what you and your team aim to achive
  • is this Revit only workflow or are there other programs in play

Any more thoughts and details would help us to prioritise.

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