Retrieving values from extended object on Speckle (made in gh)

I’m trying to understand how Extended Properties on objects works - I added some top level properties to mesh objects, successfully sent them to the Speckle Server, but when I retrieve them in Rhino or Grasshopper, they are simple mesh objects and I can’t seem to see or access the Extended Properties. Is this expected behavior? did I miss a step somewhere?

Hey @Jo_Kamm! When objects get converted, their actual rhino embodiment looses the enriched metadata you created.

There’s a “do not convert” right-click option that should leave the received objects as speckle object, with their intact props, and then you can extract the property out:

If you go down this route, you can take the received speckle objects and convert them to native via the “to native” component, which will give you the expected mesh.

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