Retreive more Revit family data

For Speckle V1, we’ve made a Dynamo script to read family data in the Revit model and pour it in a stream so we could use it in GH. For Speckle V2, this is already provided by the Speckle Revit add-in, which is great!

A suggestion for improvement would be to also add other data to the Revit Families & Types filter (see Revit screenshot). When receiving this stream (stream 1 in GH), mainly the category, family and name are in the stream, but other interesting data (such as the width of a wall, which is part of the family type object in Revit) is not in that stream. When receiving a family instance in GH (stream 2 in GH), then it’s possible to retrieve all this extra data.
In short, would it be possible to add more data to the Revit Families & Types selection filter?

Some consideration:

  • Add all available family data to the stream?
  • Or choose which families or data to send instead of sending everything?

Small remark, why do some family categories (like Structural Columns, Structural Framing and Windows) contain a renderMaterial and other families do not?



Hey @JdB great suggestion!

Yes, I think we can definitely add Type Parameters to the list of Families and Types, are you aware of any other data we should include?

We could also think of letting the user pick which families/categories to send, but it could be a bit of a challenging UI given how many can exist in a model…

Regarding the render material, I think that it’s not included if we can’t get any from the Revit API (see code here), if you point me to a specific example where you think it should have a material we can investigate more.

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Sounds good! We were also thinking of adding dimensions of certain families, for example furniture. It would be nice to have X, Y, Z dimensions in GH so you know how much space a family type instance would occupy.
Just thinking out loud here: it might be nice to have the mesh of certain family instances added to the stream with the Revit family data. Then you can visualise in Grasshopper what the family instance would look like (adding the mesh might be more a nice to have and not something with top priority, especially if it would take a lot of time to code).

Yes I can imagine letting the user pick the famlies/categories can be tricky. I think sending all family data is the best way to go.

About the material, ah yes of course, a material is only added to some of our Revit families. I don’t see a specific example right now where it would be needed. If something comes up in the future, I’ll let you know.

Good pointers! I’m not sure we can get the mesh representation of a family/type when it’s not placed in the model…

Will check it out!

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Sorry for the slow reply on this but, I’ve just included type parameters in the “Families and Types” filter data. Will be available in the next release 2.3.x!

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