Resending invitations

I have a problem with a user who can’t find his invite so now I can’t get him into the project since I can’t find a way to send a new or reminder invite. Please, how can we fix this on a Speckle server hosted project?

Hey @DuncanNZ,

We’ve had a few request like yours in the past, possibly spam filters catching the server invites.

Unfortunately there is no invite management feature implemented now for the server, but we’ve started tracking the issue over here.

In the mean time, if you have control over the database, you can remove the unused, unreachable invite entry from the server_invites table. Afterwards the invite ui will allow you to send a new invitation.

Hope this helps

We’ve recently implemented a new Server & Stream Invitation system. Hopefully this will solve your issue. You can simply remove a team member and re-add them if needed.