RenderMaterials from Grasshopper don't appear on streams

Hi community,

I’m sending geometries from Grasshopper with Speckle 2.10.4, however, I don’t see any materials on my geometries as I set them up.

I might have missed something on the definition so I include it here so if anybody faced the same problem before could help :slight_smile:

230111 (110.5 KB)

Thanks a ton.


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Hey @ashdotio :wave:,

I added your breps. Extended speckle object with “renderMaterial” being the key (not RenderMaterial), made sure it was not detached and it worked. Take a look :point_down:

Render (8.9 KB)
bilal_230111 (112.7 KB)

PS: Your Grasshopper script looks overcomplicated. You can directly connect your stream URL into the Send node and it will pick up your account automatically. And you don’t have to convert your Breps into Speckle equivalents. We do that when you extend your object.

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Lovely Thanks.

Oh yes, that part I was playing around with a what-can-I-do-with-all-the-components mindset :slight_smile: You’re 100% right.

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