Render Settings

Very stupid question but what is the best way to set illumination in speckle browser?

Here’s an example Speckle

Do I set lights somehow in the model? What are the render defaults in-browser?

Thanks for tips!

John M

Hey @jmanooch! I think possibly, the easiest way to do it right now is to change the render material of the objects. By default, if nothing is set, we pick up the layer colour - which most likely is black in this case - which then becomes this amazing gray in the viewer (actually checking for full black and “lightening” it up a bit).

I’ll give it a quick shot now to see if I can demonstrate!

PS: nice model!

Okay, not my best ever artwork:

Check it out! PS: Rhino materials in the layer table:



Are your clothes all Speckle blue for real? :speckle:


Thanks very much ! will explore materials and layer color. I didn’t think that Rhino embedded materials.