Registering 1st User I get Failed to Fetch Error

Hi All, please may I have your help with my Speckle installation on Azure Kubernetes. When I get the 1st splash screen it prompts me to register a new user and password which is the admin user. Unfortunately I get “Failed to Fetch” error. When I look in the backend on the Postgres database I can see the user has been persisted to the user table. When I attempt to register again I get the user already exists but when I attempt to login, I get the same error “Failed to Fetch”.

Hi @shiangoli

Is there a more detailed error message to be found within the console of your browser’s developer tools?

Hi @iainsproat the issue was with my domain name in the values file. I changed it to include .com and this resolved the issue


That’s great, I’m glad you got it sorted! :partying_face:

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