Receiving Speckle Commit through Dynamo gives wrong Speckle Commit/ data

Hi everybody,

I am trying to get data from my Speckle stream into Dynamo, however when i try to get my data (exported from Excel) i get another commit, even though the link is correct, see snippet below:

As you guys can see the received commit is different from the one on Speckle.
Any help/ possible solutions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

PS: does this maybe have to do with the fact that this commit is not the most recent one?

Hey @DaanSchlosser ,

I tried and could reproduce your issue. Congratulations you just found (another) bug, here’s a little Speckle cube :speckle: for you!

I try get it fixed asap!

Ref: Dynamo connector not receiving correct commits from a commit URL · Issue #566 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub


Hi @teocomi,

Thanks for the quick response and the :speckle: !
I will wait patiently, would be awesome to remove the “middleman” called Excel :D.

Kind regards,

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Issue fixed, we should include it in today’s release!
Any other ideas or bug reports are always welcome :smiley: