Receiving error

i need help i have macbook pro and using bootcamp to use revit on windows, i downloaded speckle on both systems in order to export my model but i cant recive it as in the plug in it keep requesting with no action an when i try to import link or id i get this message

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Hi there, @ahmedsoliman!

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According to the error message you received, there could be a few reasons why you’re unable to access the data. These reasons are:

  • The project you’re trying to access may be located on a different server that your account on Mac doesn’t have access to.
  • The project may be private, and your account may not have permission to access it.
  • The project may have been deleted.

Can you tell me which server you’re using? Can you make sure you are using the same account for both sending and receiving. If you are using multiple accounts, you can switch by clicking on the profile icon in SketchUp and select your other account.