Receive speckle model in AR device

I am playing with a Magicleap2 AR device. I want to upload a model from my PC(Rhino) to speckle and use AR device to download it and place the model in my scene.

I have successfully built the connection between Unity and Rhino using speckle, but only on my PC. When I am trying to build the app and run in magicleap2, the speckle seems not working.

I want to ask if it is possible to use speckle in magicleap2. (I assume it is possible as it is basically an android app.) If possible, what should I do, is there some advanced setup?

Any suggestion or comment will be appreciated.

Hi @Burnbob, welcome to the Speckle forums.

This topic has come up a few times (see Unity Android build)

Unfortunately, our Unity Connector doesn’t fully support Android platforms, at least not out of the box.
If you’re willing to jump through some hoops, we have seen some success receiving Speckle objects on android.

Please see this github ticket which explains the limitations.

The tldr is , You won’t be able to use the normal SpeckleReceiver and SpeckleSender components.
In the past, we’ve used/the ManualReceive component to showcase receiving on Android. This allows you to manually specify an authtoken (aka personal access token).

This does work on android, but will likely require you to build out a your own components for authentication, receiving, and UI.

I can provide some more direction if you end up going down this route, but a lot will depend on the type of app you’re wanting to build.

Hi, Jedd, thank you for your suggestion. I will look into ManualReceive and see to where I can reach.