Receive Speckle in VR-App built with Unreal Engine


I’m trying to build a VR-App for Meta Quest 2 in which i can receive the latest data from Speckle using Unreal Engine. It seems like Unreal Engine is not able to build an APK-file (needed for VR-App) while the Speckle Plugin is activated.
Is there a solution available yet?

I’m working on my Bacholer-Thesis so i would need a solution in the next 8 weeks.

Here is a snippet of the output log from Unreal Engine:
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): LidarPointCloud.uplugin is referenced via VR_Speckle_Test.uproject → SpeckleUnreal.uplugin with a mismatched ‘SupportedTargetPlatforms’ field. This will cause problems in packaged builds, because the .uplugin file will not be staged. Launch the editor to update references from your project file, or update references from other plugins manually.

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Hi @stuphi,

Unfortunately, the speckle unreal plugin only supports the following platforms: [ "Win64", "Linux", "Mac" ], and we don’t have any plans to support Android anytime in the near future.

As you’ve likely seen, our plugin references the LidarPointCloud module, which isn’t compatible with Android.

If you were willing to experiment. You could try cloning our repo (see docs), and removing the references to the LidarPointCloud plugin (i.e. removing the PointCloudConverter converter class, and the reference inside the plugin config and build file)

We’ve never tested android, so there may be more hurdles to jump through to get a build working. I could only provide limited assistance in this regard. Perhaps quite risky for your 8 week deadline.