Receive Linked Revit Elements as a Linked Model

Hi Speckle Team,

I was wondering whether you plan to support linked Revit models in such a way, that when receiving speckle data, I can receive the original link, instead of the unlinked elements? Merci.

Hey Jeroen, thanks for the suggestion!

How do you see this work? Would you like to just preserve the linked model path, or have the full linked rvt uploaded to Speckle on send and downloaded on receive?

The latter is quite tricky and would not work when receiving in earlier versions of Revit.

Hi Matteo,

Good question, I think what would be best for my use case, would be that I could keep sending linked models to Speckle (as it works right now), with:

  • Upon receiving a certain commit, I would not receive those actual objects of the linked files, but just a link to the original file.
  • (Nice to have) that objects from linked files would be shown/marked differently in the web viewer

Does that make sense?

Thanks again!

Sure, very useful! :pray:

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Just adding my support for the above, as proposed by @Jeroen_van_Lith

My use-case is modular MMC and defining standardised, repeatable products. Being able to link back to an original source file (as opposed to a new duplicate) with each new commit would have a big impact on the overall workflow, influencing things like version control and library management.

Iā€™m also curious about how links could be handled;

  • being referenced across streams; can one model stream refer you to another stream which contains the linked data?
  • multi-level links; could the proposed functionality work across multiple levels of link nesting within models?
  • repeating instances of links (mentioned in another topic)
  • Distinguishing / filtering depending on overlay vs attachment links

:point_up: Always happy to elaborate further :grinning:


Interesting additional points James!