Receive FamilySymbol Properties

I hope I’m not missing something that’s already implemented here, but:

In Revit, some useful properties of FamilyInstances don’t live with said instance, but rather with the FamilySymbol (or the Family itself even). One example is the opening side of doors, which is a property of the FamilySymbol rather than the FamilyInstance. Some of these properties are quite useful for further downstream tasks. Are there plans to transfer these properties as well in some form?

Hey @grub , good point!
I didn’t know some parameters could exist on the FamilySymbol itself, adding them sounds pretty much doable.

Where do you think it’d be most useful to have them live? On each instance or when extracting familes and type information?

Hi Matteo,
it’d probably be cleaner to have them live with Families and Types, as long as there is a clear connection between a Family Instance and its Type+Family in the Speckle Database.

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