RAG chatbot that connects with the Speckle documentation?

Hello everyone,

I have started learning the Speckle’s developer guide through their documentation. I realized that it can be cool if we can integrate a chatbot to the documentation. It can act as a code assistant helping us, the developers or the engineers/architects code as well find solutions to our bugs (if we can also crawl through the community page also).

I started working on this project yesterday and I couldn’t finish in time for the Hackathon :pensive:. But, going forward I want to develop this project further. I am always open to suggestions, comments, and most importantly collaborations, if you would like to.

Here is the GitHub repo: GitHub - bhargobdeka/RAG-chatbot-Speckly: This project presents a RAG chat app for the Speckle Developer Documentation.

Say hello to Speckly!:grinning: