Question: I have a linear infrastructure project with limited software interoperability

I have a linear infrastructure project that I am the BIM/DE manager on. I have many file types with limited software interoperability. There are too many manual work arounds converting files.
Not knowing much about Speckle, could Speckle assist me?

Hey @Aaron welcome to our community of Specklers!
Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

Speckle can help you exchange data between software without the need to use files, our Connectors are plugins that allow for granular data access, so you can share only what really matters to you. Note that Speckle doesn’t really work with files or uploads (with the exception of IFC and obj), but instead via direct data connections to our Server.

Please have a look at our YouTube videos and tutorials and let us know if you need asisstance with any specific workflow or process.