Question: How can

I’m new to Speckle and am very interested in using connections and PowerBI integration as a way of performing model validation and checking. Understanding that there is a connection for AutoCAD, is Civil 3D and Plant 3D modeled objects and associated data/metadata migrated/transfered as well? Custom Property Set Data? Is there a plan to make connections with Bentley’s MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer?

Hey @swalz welcome to these parts!

Yes we have connectors for AutoCAD and Civil 3d, but not yet for Plant 3D.

I’m not sure if we’re transferring all the metadata you need, but you can give it a quick try; it should take minutes! :point_right:

Once sent to Speckle, you can use the viewer to see if everything you need is there by selecting each element and inspecting its properties:

We also have connectors for Bentley products; they are maintained by Arup but have not seen many updates recently.


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