Question: How can I resolve email authentication issue?

I’m having issues with authentication email, I have download Speckle for Excel and registered but never received the authentication email, and thus can’t login. Any one have any suggestions on how to go around this issue? Thanks

Hi @Ana_Pereira ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :smiley:

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Excel connector. Quick question, did you create a Speckle account from

Hi @gokeru,
Thanks for your quick response. I’m working with Architectural Revit on a daily basis and trying to automate some of the most tedious routines, although very new to all this. Just seen a few tutorials about dynamo scripts and that’s when I came across Speckle. Looking forward to start exploring it.

Yes, I have created an account in, see attach.
the issue is the email is not verified, but I never received the email to do it. Email address is correct, requested a few times but it never arrives. Even tried with another email account, same thing. Any ideas to why this is happening?
Thanks once again

Did you check your spam folder?

Yup, nothing there either

Hey @Ana_Pereira, I’ve checked the logs, and the email should’ve made its way to your inbox (I’ve also double checked with my own account). The only reasons we can think of are IT security policies blocking emails from - do you have a way of checking that?

It would also help to know what workspace solution your company is using - is it Google or Microsoft?

Ok, thanks for that. Yes thought about that but usually when that happens, emails either go to span folder or I get a notification email, which I haven’t so far. For this reason I presumed email never got to company server.
Not sure what do you mean by workspace “google or windows”, projects are created and shared through BIM360 and that’s our workspace

Weird. It really does show as delivered!

I’ve manually verified your account now so you can get rid of that banner.

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Cheers, that works! :slight_smile: