Question: How can I import Revit to Etabs

Why I cant import it in Etabs, I’m following the tutorial. It just says received in Etabs but do not show anything in the model.

Hi @Jose_Abraham_Aguirre

Welcome to the forum and thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The link that you shared is to a private stream, so I can’t access it. I have requested access and if you could grant that too me that would be very helpful in trying to figure out what is going on here.

Also, one frustrating thing about ETABS is that you sometimes need to refresh the view in order to see anything. Try to open a new 3D view after you receive the speckle model and see if you see anything

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I have given you access. I have tried refreshing the view as you told me but it still doesn’t work.

Thank you!

Hi @Jose_Abraham_Aguirre,

I took a look at your commit and those objects are not going to be imported into ETABS. Speckle relies on Revit’s analytical model for some structural info that ETABS needs. Therefore you need to send the analytical model from your revit file to Speckle and then receive that into ETABS. Does that make sense?