Question: How can i do a workflow between topsolid and revit up to power bi

I am working in a furniture factory in Chile. I want to implement the BIM methodology through the use of Revit (BIM). Currently in my organization Topsolid (CAD/CAM)is used to talk with the CNC machines, any help is welcome.


Hi Piero and welcome!
I’ll ping @ahmedwael94 as he and Tomas are developing the TopSolid connector :slight_smile:

I think that once an installer for TopSolid is provided you should be able to send fairly easily solids from TopSolid as meshed into Revit, where they will arrive as DirectShapes…

Would it be enough as a first step?


Hi Piero,
Pleasure to hear you are interested in a TopSolid - Revit connection via Speckle.
Actually, we are able to send geometries from Topsolid and receive them in Revit. solid shapes sent from TopSolid are converted to Speckle Breps. Receiving the other way round is still under development.
We would be interested in knowing more about your workflow, maybe we can have a call and discuss it together ?


Hi Ahmed,
Yes, I would love to have a video call to learn a little more about the scope of this flow of information. My email is the following: and my phone number is +569 93438486 (Chile)