Question about the mismatch between specklepy and speckle-sharp

Hello Community,

I met some questions regarding the mismatchings of certain classes between specklepy and speckle-sharp.

Below is an example of Property1D, Property2D and Property3D in specklepy\objects\structural\ If you compare these classes with speckle-sharp, you can see the differences in their attributes, for example, the attribute names are ‘SectionProfile’ and ‘axis’ in specklepy while they are ‘profile’ and ‘orientationAxis’ in speckle-sharp. Maybe someone knows the reasons for the differences? Because this causes some issues during the conversion when running our packages. If possible, and if this is an error, could someone fix this? If needed, we can also make a merge request to the repository.


For the other issues, we found the following classes in speckle-sharp could not be found correspondingly in the specklepy, maybe someone can also take a look? Thanks!

  • speckle-sharp/Objects/Objects/Structural/Enums
    AxisType, MemberType1D, MemberType2D, RestraintDescription, RestraintType, UnitsType, CaseType
  • speckle-sharp/Objects/Objects/Structural/Property/
    Angle, Catalogue, Channel, Circular, Explicit, ISection, Perimeter, Rectangular, Tee
  • speckle-sharp/Objects/Objects/Structural/Geometry/

Thanks for pointing these out! AFAIK, structural connector development was mostly focused on .NET, and PY might lag behind.

I’ve cc’ed @Pavol & @gjedlicska to figure out how to prioritise this. If you want to make a PR, more than welcome though - the reference for the class definitions should be the .NET ones.


Hey Dimitrie, thanks for the reply! Since it is mostly just renaming, I put the PR here now. I hope this is useful and can be checked.

so what’s the strategy for this?
here’s the a testing for the larger issue Objects: Enforce alignment of dotnet and python SDKs with tests · Issue #237 · specklesystems/specklepy · GitHub