Query more commits than just the latest one

Hey all,

I’m trying to do a variation study on some geometry in Grasshopper, and I want to create a dashboard in PowerBI to visualise certain statistics of every variation (m3 concrete, steel etc.). Because I can use auto-sending in the Send component (GH), I thought I could just do my variations in GH and read all the different commits in PowerBI to see the results. However, I can only manage to access the latest commit of my stream. Is it possible to access all the commits of a stream?


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Hey Wes,

You can fetch specific commits via their URL, or get the latest commit from a branch via the branch url. If you place a stream URL it will fetch from main.

A commit is just “a snapshot on a specific moment in time” and they weren’t really designed to represent “design options” by themselves. If you’re pushing variations of a design, I’d suggest you push each “design option” to a different branch (where you can keep creating commits as you change the project), and then just fetch them using 2 queries from using their branch URL.

You could also create your own API queries that could fetch the info of multiple commits from the same branch, but even then it’s limited by pagination so you’ll never be able to fetch “all” commits unless the number is low.

Hope this helps! But if I missed something don’t hesitate to explain further your use-case :wink:


Thank you for your suggestions! I’ll make a few different branches and fetch those, that’ll work just fine.