Quantifying Breps from Rhino in Revit

Hi there, I am trying to create a railing with rhino to use in Revit.
I need to be able to produce some quantities for this railing
The imported geometry created with speckle does not support some parameters such as subcategories to be able to pull up, e.g. material takeoffs.

is it possible to create schedules/quantities or material takeoffs of the breps created with speckle?

Hey @Sindri_Sigurdsson how are you creating the railing?

If you use our Rhino Mapper or the Grasshopper BIM nodes, you can set a category (and even a subcategory in GH).
I think you should also be able to edit the direct shape in Revit once received to set the right category/subcategory…

When you send an element with Rhino mapper, it is currently created as DirectShapes. DirectShapes are not editable and can not have a sub-category (Revit limitation). If you want to assign subcategories, they have to be created as component families and I’m not sure if that’s possible for the Railing category (another Revit limitation). There are workarounds you can try to convert a system family to a loadable family (but I can’t guarantee it will work):

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