Qgis plugin installed, but unable to access streams

I installed the QGIS plugin on Mac QGIS 3.28.2 and created some empty streams in the browser, but when I try to search for a stream I get this error: “Some streams cannot be accessed”. Any idea why?

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Hey @Rob_Asher ,

Do you have Manager for Speckle installed?

Hi @gokermu - I do have the Manager for Speckle installed, although I installed the QGIS plugin via the QGIS plugin manager.

THe QGIS plugin did pickup my speckle name by itself.

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I am not a QGIS Expert but i installed it and tested the connector. Looks good on my end.

Maybe this is a Mac issue @Kateryna ?

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Hi @Rob_Asher ! I think it’s a confusing error handling on our side: the “OK” button is getting clicked without a stream being selected in the “Search results” list. To get them displayed, just click “Search” first.

Thanks for bringing it up!

@Kateryna the ‘search’ button was generating the error for me. I think your UI is clear. But I have just updated my OS (and also restarted) and somehow the issue is resolved. Thanks for assistance


Self-resolving errors are my favorite errors :+1: