QGIS development

Hi QGIS people! Opening a new thread to ask around about some more specific features.

The first in the list would be (drum roll) raster layers! The main issue is the consistency between QGIS treatment of this type of data and display in other software (geometric representation). @tlmn made a very nice addition to send the raster layers as strings, which is a perfect solution for QGIS-QGIS collaboration. For CAD, what do you think about an option to add an extra displayValue to the SpeckleObject from this layer, which can be points or polygons with multiple band values as attributes; and to add several more properties to the SpeckleObject, such as x and y resolution, band names etc. So GH user, for example, can create a colored grid or mesh out of it in a few clicks. What do you think?

@tlmn you mentioned you are usually receiving strings in Grasshopper, is there a specific reason for it? Would “geometrifying” the layer (like native QGIS Processing options rasterToPoints or rasterToPolygon) before sending simplify the display in Grasshopper? Maybe with lowering the resolution too.

Would be grateful for any feedback!!


Hi @Kateryna,

we went with sending the raster layer (to Grasshopper) as strings because we thought sending the whole raster as Speckle Points would create to much overhead without reducing the resolution. But that reduction happens in GH anyway at the moment. So completely support your suggestion to geometrify the layer before sending :wink: Or would you suggest to do that conversion in GH?

Somehow we would need to be able to control the resolution from within the speckle connector I guess!?