Q: How to display GSA results in Grasshopper?


I am trying to pull my GSA results (Nodal reaction forces and displacements) back to Grasshopper. However, when i try to read the results with the ‘Expand Dictionary’ component in GH, i get this error:

1. Solution exception:GetData() can only be called on a parameter with access set to GH_ParamAccess.item

Deserializing the receiver doen’t change anything. Any tips on this? How could i visualize the results with colors e.g.?

Attached the GSA and GH files plus the SpeckleGSA Settings.


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Hi @aveld, try using the Expand Object component: image, it behaves slightly differently than the Expand Dictionary one.

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The reason of the Nulls was a missing ‘A’ in front of the name of the load case ‘1’… I used ‘1’ as the name of the load case instead of ‘A1’. My bad.

I continued with your suggestion, David and hence i have some results! However, i feel im not doing this in the smartest way.

Can you also retrieve the results by an automated python script e.g., or with less Speckle-GH components on the canvas?


I agree, it is not a very convenient mechanism right now. It would be great to have a component that allows you to specify what data you want from a Speckle object directly.