Python - Unable to retrieve data

I’ve got a stream that I’m unable to receive in Python, though I’ve been able to use the Grasshopper and Excel connectors.

There’s an issue related to ‘null’ units, though at some point in the past this was being handled - I received the data without any units.

I’ve got a small sample of spaces in this commit:

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Additional information:

This was my code:

This was the error I received:

heya! sorry to hear you’re having problems.

I’ve just received this commit i py without any errors, so I am guessing you are using an outdated version of specklepy. could you please update to the latest version and see if this resolves your issue?

from specklepy.api import operations
from specklepy.api.wrapper import StreamWrapper

def main():
    w = StreamWrapper(
    received_obj = operations.receive(w.object_id, w.get_transport())