Public Beta program

Hey there Specklers :grinning:

Following the last email from you guys, do I now need to create a new account for the public beta?

Sorry if this is a pretty stupid question, I’ve not had much coffee today :rofl:

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Hey @NigeDemo! No worries :smiley: all questions are welcome here!!

If you were using the public server, the same account should still be valid :slight_smile: we’re just “opening the flood gates”, so to speak.

Thanks @AlanRynne - I think the thing I was a little confused about was that when I followed the link to the point cloud stream from the notion ‘embed’ demo it didn’t recognise me - when I tried to reset my password to log in it told me it didn’t recognise my email address … ?

There is no problem if I click on my account in the manager, it takes me straight to my streams, no need to enter credentials, but going forward I might need to access Speckle from a couple of different computers if/when we start speckling at the university so just wanted to check. FYI, there is no password saved in my password manager and I can’t remember if I set one when I originally signed up in March … :roll_eyes:

Oh no!! So you’re unable to reset your password? Could you send me by DM the email you are using on that account so we could check if there’s something wrong? :slight_smile:

Ok scratch that… It seems we linked the streams from our development server, which does not share accounts with the public one! So its definitely our fault… :man_facepalming: As they should have been pointing to the public server instead.

Sorry for the confusion!

Regarding the pwd reset: Could you confirm that you can actually reset your password from as expected?

If you created your account with “Log in with Google”, it should still work. Once your pwd is reset, you could then log in using google or email/pwd. :slight_smile: hope that clarifies it a bit

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OK so my bad, think it was a case of operator error :rofl: I have managed to log in on my iPad & Mac as well as my dev machine so all good …

Thanks for your prompt reply @AlanRynne :+1: