Problems with setting up local development enviornment

The Local development environment guide,does not seem to work for me when im building/installing the modules. I have followed the guide, but when building/installing the modules i get the following errors.

I get this error when running “yarn build” : YN0000: The command failed for workspaces that are depended upon by other workspaces; can’t satisfy the dependency graph
➤ YN0000: Failed with errors in 32s 611ms

When installing the modules “yarn” : YN0007: │ root@workspace:. must be built because it never has been before or the last one failed
➤ YN0000: └ Completed in 51s 312ms
➤ YN0000: Failed with errors in 1m 13s

Thanks in advance.

Hey @karlos ,

could you give a bit more detail about the issue?

What is your development environment like? ( host os, node version etc )
Also, in these cases, the yarn build has more logs if you scroll up. Would you mind sending the full build log?


Hi @gjedlicska ,
I am using node v21.0.0, i am hosting locally on my Mac (M2 chip).
Here is the build file generated after the build failure:
build.log (811 Bytes)

Hey @karlos

could you try with node ~18 version? We’re targeting that currently.


This is my package.json :
package.json (3.2 KB)
looks like it is running on node 18

Hey @karlos

if you have node 20 as your nodejs version set for the project ( or the system ) no matter what the package.json says for node versions, its not going to change the node version for you automatically.

You have to manually set the appropriate nodejs version for the project. For that we usually recommend using: GitHub - nvm-sh/nvm: Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

Please install and use a nodejs 18 version and retry.

I was able to reproduce your issue with node20, we need to make sure we support that version.

Hey @gjedlicska, i got it working with Node v. 18, thanks for helping!