Problems getting curtain panels from Revit

I try to send a stream of all transparent objects from Revit. Windows and doors works fine but for some reason curtain panels are not sent, or at least not visible. I have tried to select curtain panels manually and also send all Curtain systems but without result. If I send the walls I get the transparent panels but also a lot of objects that I want to exclude. Any idea how to solve this?

I have not been able to solve this without streaming walls as well. The funny part is that glass doors works fine.

I filter and select windows, doors and curtain panels, 77 objects in total:

Upload works fine, at least no warnings

Final result, windows and doors looks fine but no glass panels in the curtain walls


It works fine if I include the walls as well but then I end up with lots of objects that I do not need. Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi Max!
So sorry we clearly missed this thread, so thanks for the heads up :wink:

I’ll look into this this PM and hopefully we can include a fix in the upcoming release.

Thanks a lot, glazed objects are really important in building simulations. At some point I will need to figure out how to make them 2-dimensional as well since Radiance and energy simulation tools only support planar flat objects.

Hi Max, I’ve fixed this, let me know if urgent and I can make a beta release otherwise it’ll come in the next stable one :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, you are the best! Actually, this is kind of urgent so if you have the possibility to make a beta I would be very grateful.

Ok no problem, I’ve triggered now a 2.5.3-panels and should be ready in a few minnutes!
PS Manager does not notify anymore of beta releases but you can find them under the dropdown:


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