Problems getting a SpeckleWindow up using SpeckleUi

hey everyone!

I’ve been playing with SpeckleUI to try and get a SpeckleWindow up in Robot, but am getting a missing method exception for RegisterAsyncJsObject when trying to create the SpeckleUiWindow. I’m assuming it’s got something to do with my shoddy implementation of SpeckleUiBindings (I’m makin it rain NotImplementedExceptions at the moment). is this a correct assumption and if so, what is the minimum implementation to just get the SpeckleWindow up? it’d be helpful to get that working, so I can use the window to debug as I work on the other bits.

more specifically, I’m getting the error running:

SpeckleWindow = new SpeckleUiWindow(bindings, @"http://localhost:8080/");

and the error message is :

Method not found: ‘Void CefSharp.Wpf.ChromiumWebBrowser.RegisterAsyncJsObject(System.String, System.Object, CefSharp.BindingOptions)’.

any advice is appreciated! thanks :sparkles:

Hey @izzylys! That rings a bell somehow, but i’m afraid w/o some code can’t really tell. Intuition/heuristics prompt the following extra questions/remarks:

  • might be a mismatched cef sharp version in between your projects?
  • is robot forcefully loading an older version? (revit does that, hence we’re stuck to v57)
  • are you pulling in cef sharp wpf nugets too?

UIs are always messy, and cefsharp kind of, so far, was the cleanest way so far (even though i’m feeling like burning it to the ground)…

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hey @dimitrie, thanks for getting back to me on a weekend!

you were spot on – it was the cef sharp version. I was using the latest v79 and didn’t realise I should have been on v57. it’s all good now, thanks a lot for the help :tada:


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