Problems aligning coordinates when importing ifc file

I’m having problems aligning the coordinates, when importing an ifc file, with the architecture file from my main modeling software.

I exported from my main modeling software to speckle with “internal point” (and that was the way that I sent the file to the engineer). Then he imported his ifc structure file to speckle and the models do not align.

Then I tried to import the ifc model directly in Revit and it align perfectly.
How can I resolve this?

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Hi @MiguelFrazao!

Welcome to our community! If you haven’t already, feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 to the rest of the community!

As for your issue, I’d have to double check how we’re dealing with model placement and internal coordinates in the IFC Service. It uses IFC.js under the hood so we may be due some updates, as they are moving quite fast too!

Would it be possible to share the files you are using? It would be really helpful to double check everything on our side.