Problemas com o Manager dor Speckle

Good afternoon,

I can’t open my Manager for Speckle, can anyone help me?


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Hey @Matheus_Dubkowski ,

Can you tell us what happens when you try to open it? Maybe a screenshot or recording?
Manager keeps a small icon in your tray area (bottom right of the screen) and should show up when you click on it.

Alternatively you can try to install it again?

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When I try to open the Manager it doesn’t start and doesn’t even show me any information or error.

I also tried to run as administrator in both situations it opens the icon in the tray area but I can’t open it and it also closes by itself.

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Thanks for the video! Was it working at all before or this is a brand new installation?

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I managed to install it here, I reassembled the PC and did it more calmly, thanks for your attention.


It seems like there was actually an issue with 2.3.17 when no accounts were set up.
I’ve added a fix to 2.3.18 - thanks for reporting this @Matheus_Dubkowski !

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