Problem with imported obj-file

Hi, I just realized that it is possible to manually import an obj-file to a stream. Unfortunately I ran into two problems:

  1. Speckle visualizes X and Y differently than my export tool (this is extremely common) and I wonder if there is a way to switch them without changing the obj-file?
  2. The material file is not read automatically and if I import that separately I get an error. Any solution?
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Hah, the good old “we use z up” and everybody else does not :metal: Unfortunately, there isn’t a current way to do this from Speckle. I’ll add it to our log.

This is a know limitation currently. This already is on the list - we’ll need to get texture support going to make it meaningful. Good news is that we’ve made progress in that direction, with the addition of blob storage support to our SDKs, and we expect to get going on this post release 2.11.


Thanks a lot, you are the best.

Unsure we really qualify, given we’re not supporting this properly :smiley: but thanks! we’ll take it :tada:

Well, Autodesk does not answer my requests and other companies tend to shoot down my suggestions so I am happy with this.