Problem receiving MEP elements in Revit from Revit


I’m having problems receiving elements in Revit. I successfully sent some elements from Revit to my stream. Everything looks fine in the online viewer.

But when I receive that commit in another Revit model the pipe and duct fittings and cable trays don’t get created correctly.

This is what I get back:

Am I doing anything wrong? Or is it the MEP families that are funny?

I’m using:

Revit 2021.1.5
Speckle Manager 2.1.11
Revit Connector 2.2.4


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Hi @tim-pdm , welcome to the community!

Took a quick look and it turns out we’re not supporting non line-based duct or pipe element creation at the moment - I’ve created an issue on github here if you’d like to track progress on it!

As for the linear missing elements, if you could share your stream (set it to public), we can debug those while working on adding curved mep element support :slight_smile:

Hi Claire,

thanks for the reply.

Here’s the test stream:

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A quick update on this issue @tim-pdm :

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Thanks for the update!

I’m having the same issue that tim-pdm related, but i’m doing a Civil 3D > Speckle > Revit.
From Civil 3D to stream it’s okay, all pipes are there, but when i receive the model in Revit, curved pipes no longer exists.

Revit 2022 20210224_1515(x64)
Speckle Manager 2.1.26
Revit Connector 2.4.0

Hey @MMatos, welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: Could you invite me to the Speckle stream you sent your Civil3D pipes to? Happy to take a quick look and troubleshoot before our upcoming release!

Set to public. It’s another stream but has the same problem.

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Hello @clrkng, can you tell if this problem was solved on the last update?

Hi @MMatos, the problem is partially resolved with the addition of FlexPipe support in Revit. However, there are currently two blockers for supporting curved pipes between Civil3D and Revit:
(1) C3D PressurePipe api makes it difficult to retrieve centerlines for nonlinear pipes with elevations (the baseCurve for curved pipes is sent instead)
(2) Revit FlexPipe curve geometry is defined by two tangent points on each endpoint, which is different to pipe curves in C3D defined by a bulge

This means that currently, there isn’t a great solution for converting C3D curved pipes into Revit curved pipes and vice versa - I’ll consult with @AlanRynne to see if there’s some math magic we can do on our end to support planar arc pipes at least, but that would take some time!